Choosing stylish sheet vinyl flooring

If you’re contemplating sheet vinyl flooring for your home, call us. We have a phenomenal selection of resilient floors at low prices.

Sheet vinyl flooring is vinyl flooring that arrives in extensive, continuous flexible sheets that can be measured to suit any room or area. A vinyl sheet floor is durable and waterproof. Call Sacwal Flooring Centres today!

Advantages of sheet vinyl flooring

With vinyl sheet, the possibilities for your floor are bounded solely by your imagination. There is a large selection of designs in stock, and the reflective features of vinyl can be utilized to lighten up darker areas in your house.

Easy to maintain
Keeping vinyl clean is easy. Spillage and high humidity can damage a wood floor, but that will not occur with vinyl. That’s why it’s ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. Sheet vinyl is a marvelous choice for any room in your house that’s vulnerable to a fair amount of moisture or dirt because it is so simple to clean.

Heavy-duty floors
Sheet vinyl flooring is a tremendously resilient product, meaning you understand what to look forward to and how long it will last.

Snug and warm touch
Sheet vinyl flooring has a little give and a soft feel. Since the flooring’s temperature is more evenly distributed, it's comfortable for wandering barefoot on. Fantastic for those early days!

Anti-allergens and fewer emissions
Vinyl flooring is outstanding for health and cleanliness as it has lower emission and allergy retention rates than a majority of other floor coverings.

Vinyl is budget friendly. Due to how well it retains its style and color, you’ll appreciate it for several years. If you’re searching for a reasonably priced, tough floor that looks outstanding, sheet vinyl is the ideal selection.

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Installing sheet vinyl flooring

Vinyl, by its very makeup, is pliable. It can be placed on every surface and also be installed on top of other kinds of floors. Our team has years of experience, and their professional installation techniques are swift and successful.

How to purchase your sheet vinyl flooring

One: obtain your free quote
Please call or visit one of our showrooms. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our sheet vinyl flooring options and offer you a free, no-commitment quote.

Two: budget and schedule
Following your pick of vinyl flooring, we'll go over costs with you and book a suitable installation day.

Three: installation date
Our dedicated vinyl flooring crew will install your new floors. Our team has years of experience working with premier materials, so we guarantee you’ll be happy with your new easy-care floor.
Vinyl in Chatham, ON from Sacwal Flooring Centres

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