hardwood flooring grades in London, Sarnia, Chatham, ON

Understanding Hardwood Flooring Grades

When it comes to selecting hardwood flooring in Sarnia, Chatham, and London, ON for your home, one of the key considerations is the grade of the wood. Hardwood flooring grades play a crucial role in determining the overall appearance and quality of the floor. But what exactly do these grades entail? 

Dive into the world of hardwood flooring grades, exploring what they are and how they can impact your flooring choices.

What are hardwood flooring grades?

Hardwood flooring grades refer to the classification system used to categorize wood based on its appearance and characteristics. These grades are determined by various factors including the presence of knots, color variations, and natural markings in the wood. Understanding these grades can help you make informed decisions when selecting hardwood flooring for your home.

The 3 main grades of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is typically classified into three main grades: Select, #1 Common, and #2 Common. Let's take a closer look at each of these grades:

Select grade

Select grade hardwood flooring is known for its uniform appearance and minimal imperfections. It features a clean, consistent surface with few knots, streaks, or color variations. Select grade flooring is often preferred for modern and contemporary interiors where a sleek and refined look is desired.

#1 Common grade

#1 Common grade hardwood flooring, also known as "Character" grade, exhibits more natural characteristics compared to Select grade. This grade may contain a higher number of knots, color variations, and mineral streaks. While some homeowners appreciate the rustic charm of #1 Common grade flooring, others may prefer a more uniform appearance.

#2 Common grade

#2 Common grade hardwood flooring is the most rustic of the three grades, featuring a wide range of natural markings and imperfections. This grade often includes knots, splits, and other blemishes that add character and warmth to the wood. #2 Common grade flooring is well-suited for traditional and rustic-style interiors.

Choosing the right grade for your home

Selecting the right grade of hardwood flooring depends on your personal preferences, as well as the style and atmosphere you wish to create in your home. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a hardwood flooring grade:

  • Aesthetic Preference: Do you prefer a sleek, uniform look or a more rustic, character-filled appearance?
  • Interior Style: Consider how the flooring will complement the overall style of your home. Select grade flooring may be more suitable for contemporary interiors, while #2 Common grade flooring adds warmth to traditional spaces.
  • Budget: Keep in mind that higher-grade hardwood flooring typically comes with a higher price tag. Consider your budget constraints when making your decision.

Making informed flooring choices with Sacwal Flooring Centres

Understanding hardwood flooring grades is essential for making informed decisions when selecting flooring for your home. Whether you prefer the clean, consistent look of Select grade flooring or the rustic charm of #2 Common grade, there's a hardwood flooring grade to suit every style and budget.

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